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What led to children becoming stranded on SW Miami-Dade island?

Children were in kayak that took on water, landing them on island

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MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Local 10 News is taking a closer look into what caused five kids to somehow become stranded on an island in the middle of a lake in a southwest Miami-Dade community.

Miami-Dade Fire's air rescue team rushed out to the scene, racing toward the small island.

From the ground, witnesses noticed the five stranded children on the island for quite some time, saw them panicked and called for help.

"They all seemed relatively young. I don't know what ages they were, but just how their voices were kind of squeaky when they were screaming out," said Paul Proenza, a witness.

"They looked slightly traumatized, they looked tired, they looked fatigued," said Tim McGuinness, another witness.

Several witnesses watched as officials went to work, lowering a diver down to the water, trying to reach and secure the children one by one.

"The diver went into the water, rescued the two children (and) pulled them up into the helicopter," McGuinness said.

Two boys were lifted, strapped in and flown to land.

A jetski headed out and picked up the other three children, according to witnesses. Police were later seen walking some of the kids back to a home off Southwest 72nd Street that backs up to the lake.

Police said the children were all in a kayak that took on water, landing them on the island. They couldn't swim back and residents grew concerned.

Authorities are saying the kids are lucky they're OK. No injuries were reported and witnesses said it was quite the rescue.

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