'Ghost' minion haunts art museum after hours

Security cameras catch character balloon sneaking around at night

BIRMINGHAM, England – Minions are always up to no good in the "Despicable Me" movies, but who knew they were into causing havoc in the art world?

Security cameras at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in England recently caught quite the surprise during the overnight hours when the building was supposedly locked up tight.

When museum staff viewed the video they saw a "ghost" Minion floating through the galleries and gift shop, all while wearing the traditional Minions-garb of goggles and a work-smock.

The little guy didn't seem to have a care in the world as he lived the art lovers dream of having an entire museum all to himself.

In actuality, the Minion was a balloon that had been caught in the ceiling weeks earlier. The staff decided it was best to wait until the balloon came down on its own.

The video captures when the balloon deflates enough to descend from above, but with just enough helium left to take a little tour.

Everyone is laughing now, but if the masterful supervillain Gru suddenly holds priceless works of art for high ransom, you'll know the visit was no accident.