OIG finds Pompano Beach officials mismanaged development of George Brummer Park

OIG issues report finding city violated 'contractual, procedural' requirements during park development


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – The Broward Office of the Inspector General released a report Wednesday that claims the city of Pompano Beach "significantly mismanaged public resources when it violated contractual and procedural requirements during the development of George Brummer Park."

According to Broward Inspector General John W. Scott, the investigation revealed that city officials "disregarded controls relating to change orders in order to expedite a project that was behind schedule."

The report found that many changes weren't finalized in writing and prices were not determined until after the park was completed.

According to the OIG, "Controls such as spending limits are a valuable tool in preventing fraud, waste and abuse, but only if properly executed and enforced."

Some of the aspects of the park in question are the sidewalks, tennis courts and the bocce courts.

The report states that the sidewalks have a number of cracks, which the park's designer, Randy Hollingsworth, claimed was normal. However, the OIG found that wire mesh should have been installed into the pavement to structurally increase the concrete's strength, which would limit cracking.

The two bocce courts were originally ordered to include synthetic turf at a cost of $77,678.

Inspectors found that the city decided to use oyster shell material, but never finalized the cost or change in writing. Furthermore, inspectors said Hollingsworth and MBR Construction admitted to having no experience in designing or constructing oyster shell bocce courts.

According to the report, the courts were redone, but still experienced issues a year after the change order was paid.

Inspectors claim the city also mismanaged the construction of the tennis courts, overpaying between about $10,000 to a little more than $20,500.

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