Reaction to Supreme Court decision on Affordable Care Act

Supreme court upholds subsidies

DORAL, Fla. – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled to uphold subsidies Thursday for people enrolled in The Affordable Care Act.

The Epilepsy Foundation in Doral is just one of three organizations in the state of Florida that have government contracts to enroll people into the Affordable Care Act.

The foundation helps navigate people through the system, walking potential enrollees through the process of looking through plans, looking through options and looking through pricing before they enroll.

Foundation officials said they have helped 60,000 people enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

One-third of those enrolled through the foundation live in Miami-Dade County and 25 percent live in Broward County.

The CEO of the Florida Epilepsy Foundation told Local 10 News that had the Supreme Court ruled the other way, it would have devastated thousands who live in South Florida.

"These people wouldn't have been able to afford the insurance without it," Karen Basha-Egozi said. "So I think today's decision is wonderful because had they lost it, I can't even imagine how devastating it would be for many of them."

Basha_Egozi said the foundation's challenge is to stay out of the politics that surround the law, and said their only objective is to find people who do not have insurance and coverage.

She said Thursday's decision allows them to stay concentrated on their goal, which is ready for the next enrollment series that begins Nov. 1.  

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