Theater shows horror movie instead of Disney film

Projectionist accidentally played 'Insidious 3: Chapter 3'

(Focus Features, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – Parents and children in Ohio who sat down to take in an animated Disney film were confused when the wrong movie appeared on screen.

A projectionist accidentally played "Insidious: Chapter 3" instead of "Inside Out," the Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reported.

Jazmyn Moore, a mother who said she was at the screening, detailed the incident on the newspaper's Facebook page, saying her children were scared and she and other adults gathered their kids and left.

Moore said images of children being tied up and murdered appeared on the screen, and the children with her became terrified.

The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reported the manager, who declined to be identified, said the parents got an apology and an upgrade pass to see "Inside Out" in 3-D.