United Coalition celebrates 'equality, fairness, justice'

OPINION: United Colaition Director Herb Sosa releases statement


Today's historic Supreme Court ruling means same-sex couples will soon have the freedom to marry and equal respect for their marriages across America. This ruling will bring joy to many families, and final nationwide victory to the decades-long debate.

"Words cannot express the feeling of EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and JUSTICE this decision brings. We are all EQUAL, and have right to the love, and have that love legally recognized & respected. Thanks to today's Supreme Court ruling, our community is one step closer to this!" - Herb Sosa, director, Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida


  • This is a momentous win for freedom, equality, inclusion, and above all, love. We can celebrate that ours is a country that keeps its promise of the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and justice for all.


  • The justices have affirmed what a bipartisan supermajority—60%—of Americans have come to understand: the freedom to marry is a precious, fundamental right that belongs to all.


  • Contrary to our opposition's scary predictions, the 37 states that already have marriage have proven that when gay people share in the freedom to marry, families are helped and no one is hurt. Today's victory will bring joy to hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples and their families who have the same dreams of, and need for, marriage as any others. 


  • We hope state officials move swiftly to implement the Constitution's command in the remaining 13 states with marriage discrimination.  Same-sex couples and their families have waited long enough. 


  • While the work toward equality for all Americans is far from over, the campaign for the freedom to marry has been transformative in helping Americans understand who gay people are.


  • We must harness the momentum from the marriage conversation to the work of securing additional advances towards equality, especially nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. It's unacceptable that hardworking LGBT people can still be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, and denied service in restaurants and shops simply for being who they are.