3 Miami residents arrested in separate PIP schemes

State investigators say trio responsible for nearly $100,000 in financial losses


MIAMI – Three Miami residents were arrested for their involvement in separate personal injury protection schemes, the Florida Department of Financial Services' Division of Insurance Fraud announced Monday.

State investigators claim Mariela Quintana, 46, Noel Lazo, 44, and Rodney Fabian, 27, are responsible for nearly $100,000 in financial losses.

Quintana, a licensed massage therapist at D&J Rehabilitation Center, is accused of fraudulently billing nearly $10,000 in claims. Investigators said she signed off on treatment forms for procedures she never performed.

Lazo is accused of directing a staged crash that resulted in claims of more than $89,000. Investigators said Lazo paid for the policy of the at-fault vehicle and paid the participants to fake injuries.

Fabian is accused of paying the victim of a hit-and-run crash $1,000 in exchange for visiting a specific clinic. After the insurance company suspected fraud and didn't process the claims, investigators said, Fabian tried to get his money back.

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