How do you know a locksmith is reputable?

Reputable locksmiths should wear uniform with logo, show up in marked vehicle

The locks on your door are supposed to keep the bad guys out. But according to consumer websites like Angie's List, Consumer Reports and Rip-Off Report, complaints about locksmiths are on the rise.

Some homeowners have complained that the cost is way more than the locksmith's estimate, the company demands cash only for payment, or they realize the locksmith isn't even licensed.

Reputable business owners said there are signs you can look for to find a good locksmith.

Juan Pujol, the owner of York Lock and Key on Miami Beach, said his locksmith business has been operating for more than 75 years. He said that while technology has changed, their commitment to serving customers has not.

"People put so much trust in locksmiths, that for us, it's extremely important," he said.

Pujol said uniforms are a plus, and a locksmith's paperwork should bear the company logo, too.

He also said a worker should show up in a marked vehicle.

In Miami-Dade County, locksmiths have to be registered with the county, so ask for a registration number if you still have questions.

"If they don't provide that, then you know something is not right," Pujol said.