South Fla. women charged with shoplifting with kids

Christine Aleksin, Jennifer Ingham charged with retail theft, child neglect

Christine Aleksin (L) and Jennifer Ingham
Christine Aleksin (L) and Jennifer Ingham

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Two South Florida women have been arrested after police caught them allegedly shoplifting from a Pompano Beach Walmart with children in tow.

Christine Aleksin, 27, and Jennifer Ingham, 28, were both booked on retail theft and child neglect charges following their Tuesday arrest.

Walmart security at the 2300 W. Atlantic Boulevard location observed the women taking items off the store's shelves and placing them in a shopping cart.

Through the entire sequence, the women were accompanied by three children ages 2 through 7.

Ingham then pushed the cart through the garden center exit while Aleksin remained close behind watching security.

Both women were apprehended in the parking lot.

The total value of the stolen property was reported to be $693.68.

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