Family sues Weston YMCA after boy takes 40-foot fall

Family alleges staff not properly trained, supervised, monitored

WESTON, Fla. – The family of an 11-year-old boy has filed a lawsuit against the YMCA of South Florida after he fell nearly 40 feet from the top of a portable rock-climbing wall that is owned and operated by the Weston YMCA.

The lawsuit alleges that the staff at the Weston facility were not properly trained, supervised or monitored in the operation and use of the climbing wall and the equipment.

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The family claims that the staff did not properly attach to equipment to Devin Pabian or instruct him on how to use it, failing to guide and safeguard him through his climb and descent.

"The miracle is he survived such a fall, the tragedy is, it was preventable had the facility taken the necessary and reasonable safeguards to protect such young members and visitors they entice to such an attraction," family attorney Jay Cohen said. "Devin has a long road ahead of him in recovery and future care. This family wants to make sure another child isn't injured from such neglect."

Family members said the fall Devin took has causes severe orthopedic injuries to both wrists, an ankle and his spine, causing him to have to undergo multiple surgeries since the incident.

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