FIU campus aquarium bursts, fish saved

Incident occurred inside the Graham Center on FIU's main campus


SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Holy mackeral!

A seemingly quiet day of study at Florida International University was thrown into a fish frenzy Thursday morning after an aquarium suddenly burst, dumping its inhabitants upon the smooth floors of an on-campus building.

Alright, that may be overdoing things a tad(-pole).

We don't mean to clown(-fish) around, and we can say that all the fish have reportedly survived the fish tank tragedy.

FIU student Katherine Bolt said things began to flounder during morning classes inside the Graham Center.

"I hear a pop," Bolt exclaimed. "I look to my left and see that a tank burst and all the water, rocks and fish were spilling out."

Bolt added that after the initial burst, a group of students did the grunt work and returned the fish to a safe environment, earning themselves a gold(-fish) medal for their efforts.

This episode is almost the same deal(-fish) as when an aquarium burst inside a Walt Disney World Resort restaurant in 2014.

When contacted by Local 10, FIU officials said they were aware of the incident but believe this was the sole episode on campus.