Man arrested on DUI in Florida Keys

Deputy said driver failed to stop


RAMROD KEY-Fla. – A Hialeah man was arrested Saturday on Ramrod Key after a Monroe County Deputy saw him driving reckless, according to a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office. According to the Sheriff's Office, 36-year-old Barry Pieger was speeding and passing other cars recklessly then continuing to drive away from police when the deputy tried to stop him.

The incident happened at the  29 mile marker just before 6 p.m. when  the deputy saw a gray Toyota Tundra truck coming up behind him. The truck was traveling very fast and was passing numerous cars in no passing zones. On a couple of occasions, he saw the truck force other cars off the roadway. 

Police said that the truck's driver  finally noticed the deputy's marked patrol car when it was directly in front of him. At that point he slowed. The deputy pulled over and let the truck get in front of him, then turned on his lights and siren to pull the truck over.

Instead of pulling over, Barry Pieger, continued driving and failed to stop. He then turned off the road into the Looe Key Tiki Bar parking lot. He drove through the lot and stopped just short of the Shell gas station on Ramrod Key.

Pieger was ordered out of the truck and was arrested. He smelled strongly of alcohol. He was charged with reckless driving, failing to stop fleeing and eluding police, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper passing- and refusing to sign the citations given to him. He was booked into jail.

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