Dead rodent, roach issues force restaurant closures

3 South Florida restaurants re-open following ordered clean-up, reinspection


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – State records show roach issues inside Spaghetto on South Beach, a dead rodent in Wilton Manors and rodent droppings in Plantation.

Three South Florida restaurants were ordered shut by state inspectors last week.

Below is a list of the places and some of their violations. All the places listed below were allowed to re-open following ordered clean ups and re-inspections.


540 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach

23 violations

Ordered shut Aug. 5

"Roach activity present as evidenced by approximately 23 live roaches found found inside kitchen. Observed live roaches inside kitchen crawling on walls, on cutting board, behind reach in freezer located in kitchen and inside reach in freezer gaskets."

"Certified Food Manager or person in charge failed to notify the division of employee diagnosed with Salmonella Typhi, Shigella spp., Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (E-coli), hepatitis A virus, or Norovirus."

"Manager lacking proof of food manager certification."

"Employee began working with food, handling clean equipment or utensils, or touching unwrapped single-service items without first washing hands."

Bombay Cafe

3060 N. Andrews Ave.

Wilton Manors

16 violations

Ordered shut Aug. 4

Inspection based on complaint

"Dead rodent present. Observed 1 dead rodent next to ice machine."

"Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 5 live roaches on top of chlorine container under dish machine."

"Dead roaches on premises. 5 dead roaches on top of chlorine sanitizer container under dish machine."

"Employee touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands - food was not being heated as a sole ingredient to 145 degrees F or immediately added to other ingredients to be cooked/heated to the minimum required temperature to allow bare hand contact. In kitchen employee touching naan bread with bare hands . Advised employee no bare hand contact with ready to eat food. Explain the options of using clean gloves, clean tongs, or deli paper."

"Floor soiled/has accumulation of debris. Behind white chest freezer next to window in kitchen."

Beijing Garden

9723 W. Broward Blvd.


20 violations

Ordered shut Aug. 4

Inspection based on complaint

"Rodent activity present as evidenced by 50 plus fresh and old rodent droppings found in kitchen by chest reach in freezer, 2 fresh on container of duck sauce by rice cooker, 4 on cart where rice containers are stored, unable to determine whether fresh or old due to the buildup of grease, 2 dry on hot water heater in kitchen, 2 fresh on floor by hand wash sink, by ware washing machine, 2 dry on paper towel dispenser in kitchen."

"Employee washed hands with no soap."

"Accumulation of food debris/grease on food-contact surface, grease , cart where rice container is stored, by 3 compartment sink in kitchen."

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