Uber to come back to Broward County?

Commissioners meet Tuesday to address new ride-sharing proposal

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Uber could soon be coming back to Broward County.

A proposal to allow the ride-sharing service back on the streets was on the county commission's agenda Tuesday.

The proposal comes after commissioners received widespread criticism after passing measures that forced Uber and its smaller competitor Lyft out of the county.

Uber urged its supporters to attend Tuesday's meeting and speak in favor of the ride-sharing service.

"Something has to be done Saturday after midnight when 10 people are calling for a taxi, they can't get one and some of those people got into cars and they shouldn't have," one Uber supporter said.

Three commissioners have proposed plans for ways to re-establish ride-sharing in the area.

"Absolutely, there are rules that have not been followed yet, but at the end of the day we go back to these are our constituents, these are our voters, these are our neighbors (and) these are the people who are driving for these ride-sharing companies," Commissioner Chip LaMarca said.

A suggested plan would require Uber drivers to have liability insurance, background checks for all drivers, annual vehicle inspections and vehicles would be expected to display an inspection sticker.

Uber suspended its service in Broward County on July 31 after the county passed new requirements for ride-sharing drivers, including county background checks and a mandatory chauffeur's license.

Broward County Mayor Tim Ryan said he didn't expect a decision Tuesday.

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