Latin Americans show strong support for U.S.-Cuba relations, survey says

Survey: Chileans, Argentines show highest support

Secretary of State John Kerry watches as the U.S. flag is raised outside the newly christened embassy in Havana.

MIAMI – Latin Americans show strong support for the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, a new survey finds.

The survey from the Pew Research Center reports reported a median of 77 percent approval across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.


A median of 76 percent "also support the U.S. ending its trade embargo," study co-author Jacob Poushter said.

The lowest support was in Brazil, with a median of 67 percent approval, and in Mexico, with a median of 54 percent approval.

The highest support was in Chile, with a median of 79 percent, and in Argentina, with a median of 78 percent.

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