Man, 3 grandchildren stranded on Pace Picnic Island after boat breaks down

Father pulls boat to marina by rope


MIAMI – A Miami fire boat rescued a man and his three grandchildren Wednesday after they got trapped on Pace Picnic Island.

The Campoalegre family planned to spend the day on the island off Biscayne Bay.

Miami Fire Rescue officials said the children's father dropped off his kids and their grandfather first, and his boat broke down as he was heading to get the rest of the family.

"It was really scary," Lorena Campoalegre said. "My grandpa was sitting down, and we were screaming (and) putting (up) help signs."

"My grandpa called the rescue team and they came to save us," Alex Campoalegre told Local 10 News reporter Liane Morejon.

"And how did you feel when you saw the rescue boat?" Morejon asked.

"It was really fast," Alex said.

"Were you happy to see them?" Morejon asked.

"Yes," he said.

The fire boat took the group to Sea Isle Marina, where they were reunited with their family.

The children's father said he towed his boat back with a rope while he swam back to the marina.

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