Fla. woman uses Periscope while driving drunk

Whitney Beall, 23, arrested on DUI charges


LAKELAND, Fla. – A Florida woman who used the popular social media App Periscope while driving drunk was arrested on DUI charges.

Witnesses were able to watch Whitney Beall, 23, driving in Lakeland during a live broadcast taken on her smartphone on Oct. 10.

Periscope, an App that allows users to livestream video in real time, has become immensely popular since it was introduced in March.

According to WTSP, some of the witnesses called 911 to alert authorities about Beall's actions in which she claimed that she was "drunk" and "f&*ing drunk."

During the live Periscope broadcast, Beall also said she was driving with a flat tire.

People watching Beall texted her messages to stop driving.

Because Lakeland police officers are unable to access Periscope in an official capacity, they had difficulty pinpointing Beall's location. One officer used his personal account to call up Beall and was able to observe landmarks that helped locate her and her car.

When she was found, Beall's car had hit a curb and officers smelled alcohol on her breath and observed that he speech was slow and that she was disoriented.

Beall was charged with DUI and booked into the county jail.

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