Tennessee paramedic responds to crash on wedding day

Image of her at crash scene has gone viral


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A Tennessee bride was on the job even on her wedding day.

Sarah Ray is a paramedic and responded to the scene when her family members got into a car wreck just an hour after she said ‘I do.'

Ray, 29, said she received a call on October 3rd saying her father and her grandparents had been in a crash. The three were riding to the reception at the time. She and her husband Paul, who is also a paramedic, were still at the church.

The two went to the crash to help. It was actually her mother, Marcy Martin, who snapped the photo that has since gone viral.

"I think the photo is great," Ray said to ABC News. "It definitely makes for a memorable wedding. I hate that the actual accident had to happen, but everyone is going to be OK, so we can kind of laugh about it [the photo] now." 

Eventually the couple went to the reception after being given an OK by grandma.