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Surfer plans to get back into water following shark attack

Peter Kirn, 21, gets dozens of stitches on left foot

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – A surfer who was bitten on his left foot by a shark in Deerfield Beach Monday said he plans to get back in the water soon.

Peter Kirn, 21, was in good spirits Tuesday after getting 50 stitches on his foot.

According to Kirn, he was surfing about 50 yards offshore with his friends when he was attacked by a 5-foot spinner shark. He said he saw the whole thing happen in the water and then adrenaline kicked in.

"I was lying down on my board…I was paddling for a wave or something, and so I was lying on my board paddling and so my feet were hanging off and had just come out of the water. So he must have seem them and just jumped right out at them and grabbed them," Kirn said.

Kirn, who was surfing just north of the pier, swan to shore and went to a lifeguard tower for help. He was taken to Broward Health North, where he is continuing to recover.

"I never thought I'd get bitten by a shark, but I guess yesterday was my day," Kirn said. "Thank God it was just my foot."

Kirn is on antibiotics and said he is waiting for a plastic surgeon to examine his foot.

"The skin was ragged. He lost some skin," Dr. Nigel Soson said.

"With spinner sharks, it's interesting," director of emergency services Dr. Evan Boyar said. "You know, spinners typically are not aggressive with humans."

Kirn said there was bait fish in the rough surf. Authorities issued a red flag warning in the area where he was attacked.

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