Winn-Dixie permanently drops prices

Over 1,500 items prices will be reduced

14. Winn-Dixie
14. Winn-Dixie

Winn-Dixie has introduced a new regular pricing program that will permanently reduce prices on over 1,500 items at its 518 stores, Business Wire reports. 

Southeastern Grocers has made a $40 million investment into lowering prices on products that Winn-Dixie customers buy the most.

Customers said "affordable prices" were the most important requirement from a grocery store, leading to the change.

"We are listening to our customers and helping them reduce the cost of their weekly shop by lowering the prices on over 1,500 of our customers' favorites," said Ian McLeod, president and CEO of Southeastern Grocers.

The price reductions on the items on average will be about 20 percent and can be as high as 53 percent. 

Customers will be able to spot the items with special prices tags until late October.