No bond for millionaire charged in sex case

Judge rules developer is 'danger to community'


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward County judge Friday ordered that millionaire developer Louis Bianculli, who is charged with chilling acts of sex abuse on a girl for years beginning when she was 12, be held without bond after he violated the terms of his house arrest at his Lighthouse Point mansion.

Circuit Judge Michael Rothschild, who granted Bianculli a controversial $1.5 million bond last month, denied Bianculli another chance at bond after the GPS tracking device on the ankle monitor he was wearing showed that he'd made unauthorized stops to an Italian restaurant, a Best Buy store and a Ferrari dealership.

"[Bianculli] is accused of causing significant physical, emotional and mental damage to a member of the community," wrote Rothschild in his order. "He is accused of doing so using sophisticated psychological techniques evidencing a need to control others. He is also alleged to have done this same thing to two others. Defendant's violations of these conditions further evidence to this Court that Defendant refuses to comply with the requirements of law. This makes him a real danger to the community."

Bianculli allegedly chloroformed and sexually abused the girl over a period of six years, abuse police and prosecutors said involved torture, needles and makeshift "surgeries."

Police and court records reveal there are additional complaints of sexual abuse made against Bianculli, 69, alleging abuse dating back 50 years involving the use of chloroform and plastic bags to render the alleged victims unconscious.

Bianculli himself admitted to chloroforming the 12-year-old victim numerous times on a secretly recorded police tape, taking off her clothes and fondling and digitally penetrating her. He also admitted to giving her sleeping pills and placing plastic bags over her head to bring her to the verge of suffocation.

He said he and the girl had a "game," where he would suck the fat out of her belly with insulin needles and inject it into her breasts, though he said he never harmed her and didn't actually inject her fat.

"I was hungry for some kind of physical touching thing, and she was right there, and she was at that age," Bianculli said in the recordings made secretly by the girl's mother on the instructions of Lighthouse Point police. "I took advantage of that opportunity, because I knew she was vulnerable to paying attention to her, and I liked being with her. It blossomed, and it kept developing and developing."

On the tapes, he admitted that such acts were an "addiction" for him that was based on "total control."

"It was sad, as if you were sitting in bed at night watching a porn movie. The only thing was that instead of it being a TV set, it was a human being," he said on the tapes. "Everything I was doing was for my benefit in my mind."

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