Man in Darth Vader costume robs Fla. store

Suspect arrested after being identified and tracked to his home


JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – They say the new Star Wars movie is "coming to a theatre near you."

But for one convenience store clerk in Jacksonville Beach, a character from the series came to him.

A man dressed in a full Darth Vader costume attempted to rob the 8 'Til Late store on Sunday.

The suspect, Jacob Mercer, 32, showed a handgun to the clerk and demanded money.

The clerk refused to give Mercer the money and threw a jar of blue cheese dressing at him, hitting him in the face.

Mercer then fled in a vehicle before being tracked down at his home and positively identified by a witness who saw the suspect remove the Darth Vader mask.

Police found several handguns and ammunition in Mercer's backpack.

Mercer was charged with armed robbery.

The Force was definitely not with him on this day.