Woman stabbed with X-Acto knife at Art Basel

Arrest report says Siyoun Zhao told police, 'I had to watch her bleed'

Siyuan Zhao.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A fight between two women ended when one of them stabbed the other with an X-Acto knife during Art Basel, police said.

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said the altercation occurred shortly after 5 p.m. Friday at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Rodriguez said a patron at Art Basel stabbed another patron with an X-Acto knife in the arms and neck.

According to a Miami Beach police report, the victim confronted Siyuan Zhao about purposely following her around the art show and bumping into her several times. Zhao then stabbed the victim in the right side of the neck and left shoulder without warning or provocation, causing several cuts.

The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but she was expected to survive. Zhao was taken into custody.

While Zhao was being patted down by an officer, she said, "I had to kill her and two more" and "I had to watch her bleed," according to the report.

Police said Zhao admitted to stabbing the victim in the neck in order to clean the victim.

Zhao faces a charge of attempted murder.

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