All charges dropped against Fort Lauderdale police officer in drug case

Kevin Pisano accused of delivering narcotics to undercover informant in 2011


All charges have been dropped against a Fort Lauderdale police officer who was accused of delivering drugs to an undercover informant in 2011.

According to authorities, Kevin Pisano was arrested in December 2011 on allegations that he delivered Percocet and Vicodin pills to an undercover informant while in full uniform.

Police set up a sting and allegedly caught him in the act.

A judge previously dismissed delivering narcotic charges against Pisano, citing a shoddy investigation and evidence that had not been preserved properly.

Pisano still faced a possession of a controlled substance charge -- a third-degree felony, which was dismissed Friday.

Pisano was suspended without pay from the Police Department pending the outcome of the case. It’s unclear when and if he will return to his normal duties.

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