What's it like behind the scenes at the Powerball drawing?


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – While Americans wait to see if they became an instant billionaire, News 6 takes you behind the scenes of the multistate Powerball lottery.

In Tallahassee, there are security cameras, guards, a green screen and one host with a big job.

Sam Arlen will host Wednesday's $1.5 billion jackpot drawing.

"I may completely transform someone's life," Arlen said before the drawing.

It's a minute-long moment of intense live television.

"I'm glad I'm not doing the drawing tonight, that's a ton of pressure," laughed News 6's Elizabeth Hart, who previously hosted the drawing for three years. "I would say personally, that when the jackpots were bigger, I was more nervous. I felt a bigger responsibility."

Layers of security and planning go into each drawing. The balls are X-rayed and weighed and the people who handle the balls wear gloves to ensure no oil or dirt gets onto the balls and possibly weighs them down.

"The security measures that are in place will blow your mind," said former host Scott Adams. "As long as the machines are up and running and are doing their job, that makes my life a lot easier."

But now that the pressure is gone, former hosts are finally allowed to play, and they feel the excitement just like the rest of us.

Powerball officials said it will take at least an hour to determine if there's a winner.