Coast Guard rescues men from sinking boat during storm

Men located 30 nautical miles northwest of Marquesas Key


MIAMI – Two men were rescued Sunday after their boat began taking on water and drifting during a storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

The U.S. Coast Guard was notified of the sinking boat, which was 30 nautical miles northwest of Marquesas Key.

A helicopter crew was able to locate the boat and hoist both men from the sinking boat. Those men were taken to Key West International Airport, where emergency medical services were waiting for them.

"These were the worst conditions my crew and I have ever experienced in the Gulf of Mexico," said Lt. Matthew Swanner. "I am proud of my crew who executed this rescue flawlessly despite the adverse weather conditions."

According to the Coast Guard, the weather at the time of the rescue was 40-knot winds and 20-foot sea swells.

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