Fort Lauderdale smoke shop burglarized

Burglar caught on store's surveillance video

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man was caught on surveillance video burglarizing a Fort Lauderdale smoke shop early Sunday morning. 

The burglary happened at the Vapor Blade smoke shop.

Surveillance video shows the burglar using a tool to break the store's glass door and make his way inside. Once inside, the burglar steals the store's cash box and runs away.

The store's owner said the burglar didn't take any of the pricey merchandise inside the store.

"Any one of these products is worth more than what was in the cash register," Rick Vidal said.  

This isn't the first Broward County smoke shop targeted by burglars. Last week, Vape Queen in Davie and Holy Smokes in Pembroke Pines were burglarized. 

In both instances, the burglar broke in using the same method as the one used to break into Vapor Blade. Authorities have not been able to confirm if the crimes are connected.