Teens accused of kidnapping man at gunpoint in Boynton Beach

Victim runs off when accused robbers demand money from ATM, police say


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – Three teenagers were arrested Monday after they kidnapped a man at gunpoint and ordered him to drive to an ATM, police said.

Kelcey Riddick, 16, Justin Allen, 16, and Lawshawn Montal, 17, face charges of armed robbery, armed kidnapping and resisting arrest without violence.

According to their arrest reports, the victim, Alberto Flores, 31, was stopped at a red light at 1500 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. when the teens approached his car.

Flores told detectives that Montal pointed a gun at him and said, "Open the car or I'll kill you right here!"

Fearing for his life, Flores unlocked his car doors and the teens got inside.

Flores said Montal asked for his money and took his wallet, which contained $5, his glasses and his cellphone.

According to the report, Montal asked Flores how much money he had in his bank account and Flores said that it wasn't much.

Police said Montal placed the gun to Flores' right leg and told him not to do anything stupid or he would shoot him. Allen, who was sitting behind Flores, also placed a gun to his neck and said, "This is not a game. If you do something stupid, I will kill you," police said.

Flores drove to a Wells Fargo at 200 N. Congress Ave. Flores said Montal asked for his PIN for his debit card, but Allen warned Montal that there were cameras at the bank and Flores should go to the ATM alone.

Both teens allegedly told Flores to "act normal, especially if there are cops there."

Seeing an opportunity to escape, Flores ran to a nearby business to call for help.

Police said the teens ran off but were found a short distance away.


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