3 arrested in connection with attempted carjackings in Hialeah

Suspects found with guns, police say

HIALEAH, Fla. – Two men and a woman were arrested in connection with the attempted carjacking of two different women Monday night.

According to the Hialeah Police Department, both victims were putting fuel in their vehicles at the Tom Thumb at 77 W. Okee Road when the attempted carjackings happened.

The two men, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 17, and Nicholas Rosado, 19, were in a vehicle driven by Rebecca Utria, 21, when they were stopped a short time later following a short pursuit, police said. Three handguns were found in their possession.

Surveillance video showed the suspects trying to steal a sport utility vehicle, but the driver locked her doors. Then they tried to drive away in a nearby red car, but the woman who was pumping gas at the time yanked one of them out.

"She's able to drag him out of the car while the other one on the other side runs away like a coward," Sgt. Carl Zogby said. "They both end up running away."

The 21-year-old woman was protecting her two children inside the car.

"Little did they know this was a mom, and she wasn't going to let that car be taken," Zogby said.

The three suspects were arrested a short time later. They face charges of attempted armed carjacking and eluding police.

Police usually discourage others from taking matters into their own hands, but not in this instance.

"In this case she did what she had to do," Zogby said.

No injuries were reported.