South Fla. student goes viral over 'stolen' chicken nuggets

Twitter post makes Braddock student Internet star

MIAMI – A South Florida high school student says he was just trying to prove a point when he tweeted that he had quit his job at Burger King and stole the restaurant's entire supply of chicken nuggets.

John Correa, 18, posted the picture on Jan. 23 under the name Zealot with the caption: "Today was my last day working at Burger King so I took all their nuggets, f___ it."

The tweet has since become a viral sensation, with the Twitter post being retweeted over 23,000 times and featured on national television shows and websites.

But Correa, who is still employed at the Miami Burger King location, said he posted the picture for a greater purpose.

"I realized that media just jumps and attacks anything that they see to try to get attention and fame for the network, and it's pretty pathetic, honestly," Correa told Local 10 News.

Correa said he took the picture and posted it after his manager asked him to go to another Burger King store and pick up extra chicken nuggets.

The Braddock High School senior was shocked to learn how media outlets took the tweet without checking the facts first.

But those who work with Correa were apparently amused as he was about the picture.

"They were just cracking up," Correa said. "It's funny, 'cause that never happened."