Thousands of volunteers bag food to feed starving children in Haiti, Latin America

Feed My Starving Children plans to feed 15,000 children for a year

MIAMI – Tens of thousands of volunteers at the Miami-Dade Fair and Expo Center plan to pack more than 5 million meals in five days that will feed starving children in Haiti and Latin America.

"There are children without (food). I wanted to help them," volunteer Jackie Morel said.  

Morel, who is a sixth-grade student, is just one of 20,000 South Florida volunteers who are bagging the food for those in need.

Feed My Starving Children is behind the event that hopes to feed 15,000 children for a year in Haiti and Latin America.

"This is not an understatement; this is truly the difference between life and death," Mark Crea, with the nonprofit organization, said. "These are kids who are starving (and) malnourished in Haiti and other countries."

Click here for more information about Feed My Starving Children and learn how you can volunteer or donate to its cause.