University of Central Florida data intrusion affects 63,000

Social security numbers make it to hackers' hands


MIAMI – The University of Central Florida reported Thursday that a security breach in January affected 63,000 current and former students, staff and faculty members. 

The breach resulted in the disclosure of sensitive personal data. A digital forensics firm was helping UCF police with the investigation and the school was mailing notices to those affected. 

"Our investigation has indicated unauthorized access to Social Security numbers, but no credit card information, financial records, medical records or grades," UCF President John C. Hitt said in a statement

Hitt also said the school was mailing notices with instructions on how to sign up for a free credit monitoring and identity-protection service. The letters should be received by next week. 

Investigators said one of the groups affected included about 600 student-athletes and others who played sports for the school last year. Another group included undergraduate student employees, graduate assistants, housing resident assistants, adjunct faculty instructors and student government leaders. 

For more information, call 1-877-752-5527 or visit the UCF data security site. Visit the Florida Trade Commission site for tips on credit freezes. 

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