Burglars break into Plantation home as elderly victim took shower

Neighbor's surveillance cameras captures some of scene

PLANTATION, Fla. – An elderly woman was taking a shower when burglars entered her home then walked out with her stuff.

Geraldine Marcus was still phased when talking about the moment her daughter's home was burglarized.

"Oh, I was just shocked," Marcus said. "Then, I see the window smashed I said, 'Oh, my God. Maybe he's still here somewhere.'"

It was 11 a.m. on a Tuesday and Marcus was home alone taking a shower when she noticed something wasn't right.

"When I came out of the shower, I see the door open," Marcus said. "I says, 'Who did that?' and then I see the whole glass shattered and they went to my daughter's room."

The crooks seemed to know exactly what they were doing. They entered the master bedroom, didn't go for the big screen televisions and electronics, and instead went straight for the diamonds kept in a dresser drawer.

Neighbor Eddie Muirhead's surveillance cameras captured some of the scene.

"I was able to retrieve the evidence of the burglary. I saw when the gentleman ran out of the house," Muirhead said.

A white two-door coupe can be seen pulling up to the Jacaranda Lakes home. Witnesses think the intruder was dropped off and ran through the yard into the back. Moments later he is seen running away and jumps into the getaway car.

"They broke this window," Marcus said.

The man smashed the glass, reached in and unlocked the French door. He got away with more than $11,000 worth of merchandise.

"Her diamond and some other jewelry, and she doesn't even realized what else they took yet," Muirhead said.

A neighbor believes a woman was driving the getaway car.