Brothers on vacation injured by car on Fort Lauderdale sidewalk

Chris, Sebastian Stiliadis recovering from injuries in hotel room

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Brothers from Toronto who were struck by a speeding car on a Fort Lauderdale sidewalk early Sunday morning are spending the rest of their vacation in a hotel room.

Chris and Sebastian Stiliadis are in a lot of pain but said they are incredibly lucky after they and three other people were struck by the car.

Sebastian has seven fractured bones in his back, while his brother suffered bruises and injuries to his ribs.

"I didn't see it coming," Sebastian said. "I was out cold." 

"It was, I guess, quiet and silent," Chris said.

Chris, who is an up-and-coming music producer and artist, said the car suddenly jumped onto the sidewalk and sped straight along the 200 block of Southwest Second Street, striking five people before slamming into a palm tree that likely saved many more lives. 

Sebastian told Local 10 News the scene was chaotic in the minutes after the wreck.


"All I remember was my brother over me," he said. "And I was just holding his hand, and he was just saying, 'It's going to be all right.'"

A female driver was arrested at the scene, police said. It's unclear what was in her cup that could be seen in the center console.

Sebastian said he will not be able to play sports for a while. His brother is banged up and bruised but said he just wants to get back to his music. 

Local 10 is working to get more information about the driver involved.

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