Mirador guest, 2 valet drivers fall through glass window during fight, police say

No arrests made because of conflicting stories

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A guest at the Mirador condominium building in Miami Beach and two valet drivers fell through a glass window Tuesday while they were fighting, police said.

According to an incident report, valet driver Ahmed Delgado, 25, and Edward Dangerfield III, 46, got into a physical altercation at 1000 West Ave. after Dangerfield parked his car in the valet area without paying.

Police said the men started throwing punches and another valet driver, Joshue Banzo Hernandez, 26, began to yell at the men to stop.

As he tried to separate the men, all three fell through a plate-glass window next to the valet stand and into the front lobby of the Mirador.

Delgado suffered minor abrasions to his wrist and refused medical assistance.

Police said Dangerfield suffered lacerations to both hands, legs and his left ankle and Banzo Hernandez suffered lacerations to both arms and his abdomen.

Dangerfield was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Bazo Hernandez was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Dangerfield left the hospital in a wheelchair Wednesday and told Local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez that he was just dropping off a check for his girlfriend, so he parked his car outside the building and went inside for a minute.

He said when he left his car was blocked in and he refused to pay because he had already told the valet driver that he was just dropping something off.

"He grabbed me by my neck and I never threw a punch," Dangerfield said. "Before I knew it, like in slow motion, we were going through the glass door and into the Mirador lobby."

Dangerfield has hired an attorney.

"I have multiple lacerations on my hand, my legs. I have nerve damage on my foot," Dangerfield said.

Because of conflicting stories and no witnesses, no arrests were made.

Police said surveillance video from the building shows part of the altercation, but it isn't clear who the aggressor was.

Local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez visited the Mirador Wednesday, but no one in the office would comment about the incident.


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