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Miami police officer shot at during traffic stop

4 people taken into custody

MIAMI – A Miami police officer was shot at several times early Friday morning during a traffic stop, authorities said.

Miami police said the officer pulled over a "suspicious" car at Southwest Fifth Street and Southwest 43rd Avenue about 4 a.m.

According to police, the area is known for prostitution and there were two men and two women inside the car.

Police said the officer never got out of his car, but instead the driver of the other car got out and immediately started firing in the direction of the police cruiser.

"Before the officer was able to get out of his car, he was attacked with a barrage of gunfire from the vehicle," Miami police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said at a news conference. "The assailant got back in the car and took off and the officer bravely followed him to try to apprehend him."

Llanes said the officer followed the suspects for five blocks until the police cruiser became disabled because it had been struck by multiple bullets.

Detectives said officers with the Miami police robbery team caught up with the suspects at LeJeune Road and Northwest Ninth Street, where the two men and two women were taken into custody.

Police said the officer who was shot at wasn't hurt and didn't return fire.

"The officer is in good condition at this time," Llanes said. "I had a conversation with him this morning. I'm not going to release his name at this time. I will give him some time to recover from this incident he's been through."

Detectives are questioning the group to find out why they shot at the officer. Llanes said charges are pending.

"This could have easily turned into something else," Sgt. Freddie Cruz said.

Police said some of the suspects were cooperating in the investigation and others were not.