Dirty Dining: Inverrary Resort report will turn your stomach

Rodent dropping found on clean plates, foil covering pool

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – From the resort's kitchen to the tiki bar by the pool, state records show violations at the all-inclusive Inverrary Vacation Resort that will turn your stomach and make you sick.

The back of the resort in Lauderhill looks more like a dump and guests claim things are no better inside.

"Is the hotel clean?" Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier shouted to a guest on her balcony.

"No!" the guest answered.

Justin John's family had five rooms at the resort while the family was in town for a funeral.

"Horrible," he told Weinsier. "There is black mold on the walls and the floors are dirty. The kids have been playing on the floor in the room and they are covered in dirt."

Records show that a state inspector recently ordered the kitchen at the Inverrary Resort shut.

Among the 28 violations, a stop sale was ordered after the inspector found  raw chicken and cooked chicken being stored in the same container.

Fresh rodent droppings were found on the foil covering red beans and the foil had holes, according to the report.

At the tiki bar next to the pool, the inspector found spoiled hot dogs with slime and an objectionable odor in cooler.

There were rodent droppings on the cook line, rodent droppings on clean plates and rodent droppings in several other places, according to the inspector.

Many violations were repeat violations.

Anyone who looks up the place on Trip Advisor would see over 250 "terrible" guest reviews, and many of those guests posted pictures.

The manager refused to talk to Weinsier, threw him off the property and called the police.

"You have no authorization to be here. Please leave. Please leave immediately. Please leave this moment," she told Weinsier.

Records show that this is the third time since 2014 that the Inverrary kitchen has been ordered shut.

The resort's kitchen was eventually allowed to re-open following two re-inspections.