Girl says survival from sinking car is 'God's miracle'

Courageous 'angel' saves father, daughter

PLANTATION, Fla. – A 10-year-old girl was trapped in a sinking car.

Her dad, Teophil Omegat, was holding her up, so she wouldn't drown. He told her that God was going to save them. He said it three times. And suddenly, an "angel" showed up. 

Jephtah Thomas broke the glass window and pulled Vasthie Omegat out to safety. Omegat swam out to rejoin his daughter. On Friday night, the father thanked Thomas for saving them. 

It was a simple, but meaningful, "Thank you!"

Omegat said he was on his way to take Vasthie to school when he approached a sharp curve in Plantation. He lost control of the family van and said his breaks got stuck.

Omegat and Vasthie ended up trapped inside a van. It was filling with water in the canal at Northwest 47th Avenue and West Sunrise Boulevard. Thomas jumped to the back seat to hold up Vasthie, so she wouldn't drown. 

"He said 'Don't worry, God will come our way'," Vasthie said. 

Thomas was on his way to work, when he saw the van. He didn't hesitate. He parked his car, rushed out and dived in the canal. 

"Once I bust the window open, the little girl just jumped on my neck," Thomas said. 

Vasthie referred to Thomas -- the "angel" who saved her -- as a "good Samaritan" Friday night. She was recovering from injuries to her forehead and right leg. But she didn't talk about the pain. She was grateful. 




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