Mom of teen in 6-year-old boy's killing appears in court

Tameka Thompson tampered with evidence, police say

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – The mother of a  teenager arrested in the killing of a six-year-old boy in North Miami-Dade appeared in court Saturday. 

Tameka Thompson, 41, spent Friday night in jail, after prosecutors charged her with tampering with evidence in the case of King Carter, a first-grader who was killed on his way to buy candy, records show.

When Miami-Dade County Judge Lawrence King, said police reported her job was a "drug dealer," she tried to correct the record.

"Your honor, I have a job, but," she said but her defense attorney interrupted. "Don't say anything," the attorney said.  

Thompson was accused of helping her son hide the 1999 Lexus involved in the tragic shooting. She paid a man $50 to get rid of the car damaged with bullet holes, Miami-Dade Detective Juan Segovia said in his report, according to the Miami Herald

Thompson's 18-year-old son Leonard Adams was charged with second-degree murder.

Adams was with Tamar Teems and Irwen Pressley during the fatal shooting. He was injured and was treated at Jackson North. 

Tamar, 16, and Irwen, 17, were also facing second-degree murder charges. 



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