Abandoned luggage at Miami International Airport leads to evacuation

Bomb squad called, determines luggage to be safe

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MIAMI – A terminal at Miami International Airport was evacuated Monday after a piece of luggage was found abandoned.

Miami-Dade police Detective Daniel Ferrin said the abandoned luggage was found inside a concourse.

Airport spokesman Greg Chin said Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at the G, H and J concourses were closed. He said the ticket counters in the H concourse were also closed.

Passengers could be seen standing outside the tarmac.

Ferrin said the bomb squad was called and later determined that the abandoned luggage was safe.

MIA Director Emilio Gonzalez said the luggage in question was deemed suspicious because something "appeared to be moving inside."

"It was a piece of luggage that was being transferred through and someone thought it was suspicious enough to call it out, and again, all of our protocols kicked in," Gonzalez said. "You know, we live in a heightened sense of security, so it's what we do everyday."

"Policemen got here and they said, 'Run to the north. Everyone to the north,'" passenger Mauricio Olea said.

Chin said all passengers in concourses G, H and J were being screened or re-screened at TSA checkpoints.


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