Suspect in custody after police chase in Miami

Several officers injured trying to apprehend man wanted on felony charges

MIAMI – A man was taken into custody Friday after leading police on a chase through the city of Miami.

Sky 10 was above the scene as Miami and Miami-Dade police were chasing a red car.

Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Fallat said a sergeant spotted a man wanted on felony charges by Lauderhill police at about 2 p.m. driving a red Nissan Altima in the area of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 13th Street in Miami.

Fallat said the suspect refused to stop and two Miami police officers were forced to discharge their firearms at Northeast First Avenue and Ninth Street.

The car was eventually cornered and crashed into a fence behind a restaurant near Northwest 119th Street and Northwest 11th Avenue.

"We were seeing the chase on the TV, but we never thought it was going to end here," Jesus Campusano, who was inside the restaurant, said.

Police surrounded the car with their guns drawn, but the driver put the car in reverse in an attempt to get away. The car crashed into a police car that was blocking the way.

The shirtless man was dragged out of the front passenger side of the car as officers swarmed on top of him and placed him into custody.

"They used incredible restraint, because when that subject put that car in reverse, they could've easily shot him and they took into consideration that right behind them was a restaurant with people dining, and those are the split second decisions we need to make as police officers," Miami Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz said.

Two Miami police officers suffered minor injuries while trying to apprehend the suspect.

"He took every chance he possibly could and fortunately, our Miami police officers in conjunction with Miami-Dade police were able to take the subject into custody, and thank God no one else was hurt," Ortiz said.

Police said an officer was forced to stun the suspect with a taser.

Two police cruisers were damaged in the incident.


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