Former 'Sabado Gigante' actor convicted of possessing child pornography

Adonis Losada previously sentenced on similar charges in Palm Beach County

MIAMI – A former actor for Spanish-language variety show "Sabado Gigante" was found guilty Friday of possession of child pornography.

Adonis Losada, 52, is most famous for cross-dressing as an older woman on the hit show, which was canceled last year.

Losada was arrested in 2009 in Miami-Dade County after a child-pornography task force found dozens of illegal images on a computer hard drive.

Prosecutors said Losada met an undercover detective in a chat room called "Baby Toddler Love," and knowingly sent an image of child porn to that detective.

Retired Broward sheriff's Detective Arnaldo Barrionuevo testified in the trial Thursday that he posed as the stepfather of a girl in the chat room.

Barrionuevo told the court that he told Losada that he had traveled to Costa Rica to have sex with young boys and girls in an effort to get Losada to trust him.

The jury heard audio recordings and phones calls this week between the undercover detective and Losada, and were also given the chance Thursday to view some of the child pornography that Losada is accused of viewing.

Most chose not to look at the images, but all saw a secret recording of Losada viewing images of child pornography.

Losada was previously convicted on child pornography charges in May 2014 in Palm Beach County. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in that case.

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