Cleanup continues on South Beach after annual 'Floatopia' event

Miami Beach commissioner vows to stop event in city

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Cleanup along South Beach continues Monday after Saturday's controversial "Floatopia" event.

"This type of event totally ruins an area," a Miami Beach resident told Local 10 News.

Many residents are fuming over the aftermath of the event, which drew thousands to South Beach over the weekend. Participants carried flotation devices like inner tubes that were left behind, along with a trail of beer cans and liquor bottles.

"I don't know how 100,000 people can come out to my beach and just not take what they brought with them. It's fascinating to me," Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco said.

Grieco is among city leaders vowing to keep the event, which is not sanctioned by the city, from returning.

Grieco livestreamed the mess to his followers on Facebook over the weekend.

"Faith in humanity has gone down today," he said.

To make matters worse, the event drew larger crowds this year, some of whom were unruly, drunk and violent, residents said.

"A lot of the kids out there were behaving very well," Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales said. "Again, it's often some bad apples that ruin it and there were far too many, and in fact, I know at least one of the organizers has now said that she doesn't want to ever do this again."

A shooting was reported about a block from the event, and police were called to several fights.

The Miami Beach Commission is expected to discuss the future of Floatopia in its city at its next meeting this week.

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