6 migrants aboard small boat come ashore South Beach, authorities say

Men found in good health off First Street in South Pointe

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Six Cuban migrants came ashore South Beach Monday morning, authorities said.

According to Miami Beach police, the migrants, who are all men, arrived in South Pointe off First Street.

Witnesses told Local 10 News that the men kissed the ground when they stepped foot on the beach and handed a woman, Laurie Pena, a statue of the Virgin Mary.

"How incredible for them to make this journey," Pena said.

Four of the migrants said they were at sea for several days when they picked up the other two men who they saw on a smaller raft. The men spent a total of 11 days at sea, authorities said. They sold the smaller raft for food when they stopped on an island along the way.

Beachgoers told Local 10 News that they gave the men some money and the migrants thankfully accepted the cash and handed over some pesos.

"We gave them some money and he gave me (a) 50 peso bill from Cuba," Octavio Pino, who gave the migrants $20, said.

Police said the men were in good health and were taken to the Miami Beach Police Station, where they were transferred into the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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