Luther Campbell, parents, community leaders discuss gun violence in Miami

Five shot in latest Miami shooting

MAIMI – Every Tuesday parents who've lost their children to gun violence gather inside a Miami-Dade County police substation for a meeting.

This week's meeting just happened to be on the heels of a shooting that landed five people in the hospital Monday night.

Camera footage of the latest shooting in Miami shows people taking cover after a gunman in the passing Nissan unloads at least 15 rounds at the intersection of Northwest 15th Avenue and Northwest 70th Street.  

"It's senseless," Melinda, who was one of the five people shot Monday night, said. "It doesn't make sense. You got little kids. Old people. A lot of people getting shot."

Melinda was grazed by a bullet. 

The gravity of the shooting has sunk in.

"I could have died," she said. 

During Tuesday night's meeting, shootings like the one that happened Monday were discussed. 

"We remember when the word murder meant something," Tangela Sears, a community activist said.

But the same can't be said for the children of these parents who were lost to gun violence.

"That code of silence it has to stop!" said a parent who lost her child to gun violence. 

At the meeting, parents spoke directly to chiefs of police from various departments, commissioners, representatives for the state attorney and others, including Luther Campbell, who was also there to discuss his five-point plan to end gun violence in the city.

"We gotta do something drastic," Campbell, a community activist, said. 

In his plan he calls for police to work more closely with the African-American community, support for kids and parents in crime-ridden neighborhoods, harsher punishments for gangs and more vocational training in schools

"They ain't got nothing to live for," Campbell said. 

Campbell wants to make changes so shootings can eventually be avoided.