Firefighters rescue embarrassed cops stuck in elevator

Elevator at Kansas City police academy stalls between floors

(@GreggFavre / Twitter)
(@GreggFavre / Twitter)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In the friendly battle between firefighters and police officers, you can give this latest round to those who douse the flames.

On Wednesday, when members of the Kansas City Police department got stuck in an elevator inside their own police academy, they thought things couldn't get much worse.

They didn't get worse, but things did get embarrassing.

WDAF in Kansas City reports the officers had to endure the ribbing of their fellow first responders from the local fire department who came to rescue them.

Of course, the firefighters had to first take a picture to document which department was doing the rescuing, and which department was being rescued.

And then that picture had to be released to the billions on social media.

According to WDAF, the firefighters believe it was all in good fun.

“We had a lot of fun with them and we made sure everything happened safely and we did it all the way it`s supposed to be done, and they were good sports about it and we threw our jabs. It was cool,” firefighter Tony Pisciotta told the television station.