Military personnel show off vessels at Port Everglades

Fleet Week takes place until May 9

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – More than 2,000 service men and women are in Fort Lauderdale this week for Fleet Week.

The USS Cole, which was targeted in a 2000 Al Qaeda attack; the USS California, a nuclear submarine;  the USS Bataan, an air craft carrier, and USS Bainbridge, which was involved in rescuing Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali pirates, are among the vessels at Port Everglades.

Military members gave tours of these vessels throughout Tuesday and showed people what they do daily.

Serviceman Manny Bitos, of Hialeah, the arrival in Fort Lauderdale was a homecoming.

"I feels great I get to show off what I do for a living and it makes people understand better what we do its awesome," Bitos said. "We’re out here not just floating around but taking care of business."

Fleet week ends on Monday and there is an air show slated to take place over the weekend in Fort Lauderdale.