Opa-locka commission lacks plan for city's economic woes

City manager says economic plan should be done by end of week

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – During a sparsely attended meeting Monday night, the Opa-locka commission, many of whom are under federal investigation for corruption, attempted to tackle the city's $1.4 million budgetary shortfall.

Commissioners went back-and-forths during the meeting as they questioned whether the City Manager David Chiverton had a grasp of the situation.

"Is the plan ready for commission approval?" Mayor Myra Taylor said.

Chiverton replied by telling her the plan is almost done, but not quite yet.

"We can finish it by the end of this week," Chiverton said.

The meeting ended with the promise of another meeting next week and the hope of action.

"There is one option of a 32-hour work week," Chiverton said.

Federal agents raided Opa-locka City Hall in March as part of a corruption investigation first reported in the Miami Herald.

Allegations of pay-to-play bribes involving Commissioner Luis Santiago and Chiverton have since surfaced, along with a probe of Taylor and her son.

Commissioners, along with the city manager, refused to speak to Local 10 News about the allegations.