Key West police called to rescue woman stuck in tree

Local woman was jammed into banyan tree

(Key West Police Department / Facebook)

KEY WEST, Fla. – Police officers are sworn to serve and protect.  Sometimes that means they're supposed to protect us from ourselves.

Officers with the Key West Police Department had probably thought they had seen it all... until they saw this.

The department received a call Tuesday morning to help a woman stuck in a tree that she attempted to climb.

Not "in" the tree like a cat on a branch.

But IN the tree.

According to the department's Facebook page, officer Scott Standerwick and the a Fire Rescue unit responded after learning that a local woman (yes, she actually lives in Key West) was stuck inside a giant banyan tree.

The photo shows the woman wedged in the branches of the tree, thankfully hiding what is sure to be her embarrassed face.

Officer Standerwick and the others were eventually able to free her from her tree torture.

"They popped her out like a cork," a Key West Police Department spokesperson told Local 10.