Real life 'Wolfpack' member found sleeping on Miami Beach building

Scene almost identical to that from movie 'The Hangover'


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Has anyone heard if they're filming a sequel to "The Hangover" on Miami Beach?

In a scene reminiscent from the popular 2009 comedy, a Local 10 viewer snapped this picture of a man sleeping on the roof of a Miami Beach building along Alton Road.

With what looked like a full set of sheets, the man appeared to have the comforts of his own bedroom.

"The man looked perfectly comfortable on top of the roof," said the viewer. "We've never seen anyone on top of the roof before and he simply got up and walked away."

In "The Hangover," three friends spend the night looking for a friend who had gone missing during his bachelor party.  The missing groom-to-be was eventually found on the roof of a Las Vegas hotel.

With rent and hotel prices skyrocketing on Miami Beach, maybe this is a new way to experience South Florida.